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Lines & Shapes Collection

Welcome to Lines & Shapes This is a part of the Parts collection.... Lines and Shapes are stories inspired by the lines and shapes found in alcohol ink. These lines are so breathtaking. And the shapes... So strange. So perfect. So abstract. Anyway, the more I painted the more I studied the lines and shapes, and they were giving me valuable information about random things. And so I turned that information into a specific collection of art stories. You can access the lines and shapes in the parts collections. And you can experience them on their own in audio art form via the different platforms, outlined below. Lines & Shapes on Itunes Lines & Shapes on Spotify Lines & Shapes...

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About Me

I’m artist Sarah Long. My artist journey began when I was a infant. One day when I was approximately three, I decided to take my mom's bottle of Noxema (old school face cream) and I painted the fireplace bricks with it. From my recollection, it has since been the greatest masterpiece I’ve ever created. But my parents did not feel the same way. But art is in the eye of the beholder, so they say. But I didn’t let their feelings deter me from my quest to become a great artist. Instead, I went on to explored other mediums. Drawing was my first passion. I then moved into what some call writing, but my words are art to me, thus...

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