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About Me

I’m artist Sarah Long.

My artist journey began when I was a infant.

One day when I was approximately three, I decided to take my mom's bottle of Noxema (old school face cream) and I painted the fireplace bricks with it.

From my recollection, it has since been the greatest masterpiece I’ve ever created.

But my parents did not feel the same way.

But art is in the eye of the beholder, so they say.

But I didn’t let their feelings deter me from my quest to become a great artist.

Instead, I went on to explored other mediums.

Drawing was my first passion.

I then moved into what some call writing, but my words are art to me, thus I call my writing word art.

Then I studied video art and photo art, and website design art, just to name a few.

Needless to say, I’m pretty passionate about art in a variety of ways, but I didn’t consider myself an artist until the day I found alcohol inks.

And the truth is, it happened by accident.

I had never heard of alcohol inks.

And at the time of discovery, I was on a quest to create the worlds greatest healing centre, and I was studying energy healing, learning how to read auras using the Biopulsar.

But more than I wanted to read auras I wanted to paint them, which was so strange.

It was so far off the path I was on, but I couldn’t stop the call.

So I answered it.

I initially tried to paint these auras with water colours because I did have a history with them.

My grandmother was a watercolour artist and we use to pain together when I was a kid.

But watercolours were never my specialty.

Some how, (I don’t remember the exact details now), but I randomly discovered alcohol inks while trying to figure out watercolour. 

I knew right away I had to try them. 
I don't know why, again, it's just that deep knowing - it's hard to ignore it. 

So I picked some inks up at my local art store, came back home and got right to work...

And that’s when everything changed dramatically.

I know this might sound strange, but in some ways I think the inks are actually my twin flame because I had this very intense love hate relationship with them.

I was both obsessed with them, yet I hated them because I didn’t understand them.

They didn’t make sense.

They have a mind of their own.

They make very strange lines and shapes, and for me personally, I can’t paint specific things with them - yet. 

Thus, they're abstract and I was not cool with that

And while some abstract mediums can still look like something, alcohol inks just looked like chaos - to me anyway.

But I was determined to understand them because there was something about the colours that made me feel amazing.

Like I was rich.

They made me feel alive and I knew if I could learn how make them feel good then I would feel good inside.

And so ever since then I’ve been in a very intense relationship with alcohol inks.

I personally believe the inks are advanced intelligence due to the information I receive when I paint....

They raise the frequency in a very profound way.

Eventually, I started to see how the paintings had the power to turn pain into love.

And for me, I never really felt loved.

My past was filled with a lot of sad stories and I had a lot of grief that was keeping me stuck.

But I was on a quest to self-heal.

To become the best version of myself...

Thus, the healing centre.

And the more I mastered the inks, the more I awaken the artist in me, and the artist in me wanted to create a healing home that felt safe and comfortable, more than anything.

Eventually I blended my passion for creating a healing home with alcohol inks and that’s what inspired the Art of Home.

I really believe our environment affects our health.

And health affects our mind, body and soul.

So in order for one to become the highest ideal version of Self, we should strongly consider surrounding ourselves with high frequency things in our home. 

And so I tested my theory out using my alcohol ink art paintings as the framework, and it worked out very well.

I successfully turned my low frequency apartment into a place that feels great.

A place that lifts me up.

A place that flows. 

A place that inspires creativity. 

And as a result I was able to get myself unstuck from a lot of past traumas.

Now, my goal here at the Art of Home, is to do for others, what I did for myself. 

And so you can buy a piece of healing art, big or small, it doesn’t matter at all.

If you decide to do so, I guarantee the art can help you heal in profound ways you didn’t realize was possible.

And it’s not just because I’m the worlds greatest alcohol ink artist, but more  because the colour energy changes the cellular chemistry.

You can also book a home blessing session with me, and I will work with you to assess your environment, and help you raise the frequency.

If you wanna learn even more about me, or the alcohol inks, check out my Art Stories project. 

And also, I add weekly content to the Art of Home Blog.

Thanks for reading.

Good day.

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