You Are Loved


I am Artist Sarah Long.

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Currently creating in White Rock BC.

I’m what I call a mixed media artist I use a lot of different mediums to make art...

I make word art...

Audio art.

Video art. 

But I would not be any of those things if it weren’t for alcohol ink art.

About Alcohol Ink

Alcohol inks are the key to activating divine creativity.

They are also a very powerful tool that can be used to create a healing home.

The home should feel good, for our environment affects our health. 

I call myself the worlds greatest alcohol ink artist because it’s the only thing Im really good at. It takes a lot for me to say that. 

I’m my biggest critique.

But I’ve been doing the work to heal the battles in my war of art.

Alcohol ink helps me raise my frequency in category of self-mastery...

The reason Alcohol Ink Art is so healing is because of the colour energy.

The colours imprint in you, messages from the Quantum Field.

Also known as God. 

But it's more than just the colours, it's the lines and shapes the inks make.

They're out of this world...

In the lines and shapes we can see ancient information that holds the key to saving humanity. 

In my quest to become the World's Greatest Alcohol Ink Artist, I have discovered the following types of paintings: 

Alcohol inks are more than just paintings...

They're also drawings.

When we outline the paintings with ink, we see entirely different things. I find this fascinating. 

Check out my drawing prints here. 

Art Stories Project

Alcohol ink inspired my Art Stories Project. 

Like I said, the inks have a profound affect on creativity and the more I painted, the more I found new versions of me. 

Art stories are collection of free writings about life, love and the art of being human. 

Some say they are like a box of chocolates, cuz ya' never know what you're gonna get but best believe they always be sweet and delicious. 

The free writings then get converted into audio art and video art.

Below are the art stories parts:

ASL Apparel

I create high frequency hoodies and T’s that will make you a magnet for good things.

Since we are energy beings, anything you can do to raise your frequency is key to staying in the 5D. 

And best believe the world is ascending. 

Check out my Bonfire store for high frequency apparel

Buying alcohol ink art 

The price listed is just for the painting.

I don't frame unless you request it.

I do this for several reasons;

I think framing is a personal experience. 

What I like, might not be what you like. 

Not framing saves money on shipping fees. 

And most importantly, I really think you should experience the painting like a new born baby. You should spend time getting to know Her.

To admire Her beauty.

To feel Her energy.

Then when you're ready to get Her framed, you'll be more certain about what kind of frame you want. 

This is a very important process. 

Like I said, this more than just art...

It's healing art. 

Healing takes time. 


It's worth it.  

If you like a piece of art and want to see before you buy, you can visit me at my studio. Send me an email to request a visit.

If you would like a custom piece, feel free to contact me...

My email: