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Buying & Shipping

Here is a little page I cooked up to give the dirty details on what to expect when buying from the Artist Sarah Long Store. 

Buying Fine Art: 

It's never an easy thing shipping such a valuable commodity like my alcohol ink art paintings. It literally feels like I'm shipping a new born baby and the fear that the baby is going to get lost or broken in the process of packaging, and shipping to it's new destination, does prevent me from achieving an REM sleep during the process of a piece (baby).

But don't worry, if it happens it's on me. You shall sleep fine for if something happens to the baby, I will take full responsibility.

And if all goes well, well expect to sleep like a new born baby when your fine art arrives for you will be empowered with light and love, because the art will lift you up. 

Here's a list of how it works when buying art online store...

  • Shipping is free for all my Original fine art pieces. 

  • Art does not come framed and I do this for three reasons: 
1) Framing is heavy and pricy, so it saves you money on shipping fees.
2) I have a lot of pieces and I currently live in a small place, so framing all my baby's is unrealistic - ya dig?!
3) You get to decide how you want your art framed and what way you want your piece to go and that's pretty much the same as naming your new born baby? Probably not, but if you wouldn't want someone else to do that for you would you. If you do, and you want that someone to be, we can arrange that. Simply email me before or after you buy an art piece from me, at and let's have good conversation about frames. 


  • For small art pieces, I ship via envelop, using solid padding front and back so it can't be bent.  

  • For larger paintings that don't qualify for the envelope affect, they're shipped in a beautiful brown cylinder tube. This is so that you can experience the full effect of pulling your baby out for the first time. And I promise you, it really will open your heart and expand your mind...and thus, leaving framing up to you.

Here's a list of how it works when buying art in-Person:

If you like a piece of art, but want to see it first, you can visit me at my studio, located in White Rock, BC. 

Simply contact me to arrange a viewing via email:

Buying Commissions Alcohol Inks

Like my work but want me to create something customized just for you?

Something that would look good in your home or office or secret space no one knows about? 

Or how about an aura reading and an aura painting?

Learn more about commissions here. 

Buying "Other" Things: 

Hoodies, T-shirts, prints, books, are produced and shipped on behalf of my best friend. They have the space and resources to make magic happen in ways I can't, and thus they have a shipping fee, but they package your goods quite nicely. 

For things like mugs, home decor, and random stuff, this is all inspired by my thrift shop hunting adventures. It gives me great pleasure to set out into the unknown, having no idea what a thrift store has in store, only to find something that lights me up in ways I find hard to describe. 

That's when I buy it up and post it on my store as a way to help share the feelings of my cool find. But what you need to know is that these things I find and sell have to be in line with my "Art of Home" code. 

So they will always have a high frequency and blessed with light and love by me and then shipped by me in a package made by me.  

Buying Digital Downloads: 

This is pretty strait-forward, but I'll tell you anyway...

You buy the thing, you get an email with a link that will contain your download. Click it and watch the magic happen. 

That's it. 

Buying Heart Services: 

Heart services is something very dear to my heart, because I truly believe it is something the world needs just as much as they need water and air to breathe. 

But they don't realize it because so many people are used to living without their heart so they don't realize she's missing. Anyway, the way it works is you simply purchase a session date and time. Then you'll be sent a form to fill out so I can collect important need to knows. We'll meet on the time you booked (in person or online) and that's when we'll dive deep into your forest of life and find out where your heart is blocked, and do the work to remove those blocks. 

If you want to do regular heart sessions you can schedule them as you need them or we can put you on program, all of which can be discussed during your session.  

That wraps up everything I can think of as it relates to the need to knows, when buying from the Artist Sarah Long Store.  

Again if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at