You Are Loved


What speaks to you?

Did you see a piece you like but it's not quite right...

Or something is sold out.

Or maybe you just want something personal.

Either way, let's co-create your Alcohol Ink Masterpiece.

A co-created piece gives you the freedom to choose the following things; 

  • Size
  • Colours
  • Painting type
  • Frame


The time it takes to complete your work will vary depending on detail, size and order backlog. 

But I'll let you know the timeframe you can expect to receive your artwork in our initial conversation. 


A 50% downpayment is payable upon placing your order with the outstanding balance payable upon delivery, including shipping fees. 


To place a co-create painting order you can simply contact me via email and let me know you're interested.

From there we can set up a consultation in person or via phone.


You can fill out the form below highlighting your request to co-create a painting with Artist Sarah Long.

Fill out my online form.