You Are Loved


Hello Friend and Welcome! I'm Artist Sarah Long, a mixed media artist living an extraordinary life in White Rock, BC. I art about life, love and the art of being human. Here at the Artist Sarah Long store, my goal is to offer products and services that help raise the frequency in your home environment, because it's a great way to facilitate self-healing. Epigentics says that our outside environment affects our cells and cells are the messengers that control your health. Cells tell you how to be and how to respond to things in your daily life. And based on my research on how to create an extraordinary life, I’ve concluded that creating a healing home is the most effective way to raise the frequency and thus facilitate self healing. And for me, a healing home feels like a good place to go so you don’t feel like you always need to be on the go. A healing home feels safe and comfortable. It feels like nice a big hug from someone you love. It feels like you wanna be in love... It feels healthy. It’s free of clutter. Free from the past so you’re free to be happy with where you're at. A healing home flows... It has uplifting art on the walls. It has a nice touch of interior decore. It has good food in the refrigerator. It has frequency activator tools that clear negative energy. It’s the clothes you wear and where you prepare for your day and it’s where you play. It’s where you spend time with people you love and it’s where you make love. So ultimately your Home should inspire you to feel loved. It should lift you up. It should be where you ground yourself so you can rise above what gets you stuck. But for a lot of us, Home was never safe, and so the feelings of feeling that way imprinted feelings that caused you to create a home that feels that way. And most of the time you don’t realize it because you just accept that never feeling safe is just part of your DNA. But the good news is you don’t have to feel that way and you can change, by creating a healing home, using things found here at the Art of Home. My goal is to create a place to go to find things that are soothing... Things that your frequency from the inside out. The stuff you'll find on the store are things I've made, or things I find that I think are really cool. Things that will make your place feel interesting, or things you can wear or things you can consume. Below you'll find links to the different Art of Home collections: Alcohol Ink Art Originals Alcohol Ink Prints Abstract Drawings Hoodie Art T-Shirt Art Mug Art Home Decore Random stuff Jewelry