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Welcome to the ASL Session...

I aim to help humans raise their frequency through the art of self-mastery. 

I believe we are all meant for great things and we hold the power within to self-heal and create the life of our dreams. 

But we've been lied to. 

Suppressed and depressed, and denied information that has kept us stuck in a low vibration. 

But I've created a program designed to incorporate both art and self-mastery as a framework for clearing out emotional guck that keeps you stuck, and thus, helping you cultivate precision self-awareness.

Self-awareness leads to self-acceptance, which empowers you with self-love. 

Self-love is the goal, regardless of what you're looking for. 


How sessions work varies each time, but generally speaking, we start with a good conversation so I can get to know you...

This is called the Forest Mapping Assessment. 

During our session, I use my Health Detective skills to help detect weaknesses in your body-field.

Understanding your weaknesses, helps you understand where you need to do the work.

Doing the right work helps you feel well and feeling well helps you break through creative blocks, leading you on a path of least resistance. 

So whether you feel stuck in health, wealth, or love, it doesn't matter because it's all connected, and we will address them all. 

Once I understand where the energy is stuck, I help you create an Art of Self-Mastery plan that is guaranteed to lift you up. 

Please Note: 

My coaching plan is based on what I did for myself when I realized most healers and drugs do not work.

And it can be very defeating, always trying but never winning.

But I wanted to win, and so I did what most people aren't willing to do and I went within. 

And it's hard. 

It can be lonely. 

That's probably why, Jesus said, narrow is the path and few there be that follow it. 

What he meant was, the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, but only you can know that is True, and to Know, means we must let go.

So my role is to help guide you on the path of light and love and keep you accountable to staying on it so you change your momentum. 

The longer you stay on it, the more you will let go of all your loose ends. 

The more you let go, the more you will awaken to who you really are. 

So if you resonate with this, and you're ready for wellness, and you're interested in working with me, then simply buy a session and book your time and day, and let's help you become a love machine.